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OCS freaks reunite and plot world domination while smoking hookahs!

July 3rd, 2001, Al-Casbah restaurant, London

This whole shebang started when I (arvind) decided to make a pit stop in London on my way back to Texas from India. Everyone else has been working/studying in UK for a few years. Lana and Ban have *totally* been assimilated into Britain with their strong accents ;) Timur is still frikken hilarious! Nisar is pretty much exactly the same old goofball! And Erin is still boasting about that famous concorde trip that she took back in the 8th grade.. actually she wasnt boasting, but we decided to tease her about it anyways! ;) Oh.. and I am still the same old dork that I used to be.

Needless to say, the reunion was a blast and will definitely occur again in the near future! Now.. on to the pictures. It might take a little while to download everything but its worth the wait! I'll probably be adding a few more pictures later.

Here's the gang at the awesome Middle Eastern restaurant picked by Ban. We were all slightly "high" off the hookah at this point.