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HORNING's HIDEOUT TREE (Thanks to Jack Fisher and Storm Shirley)

Thank you all for participating. This event was quite a spiritual experience for most of us who were there. If you weren't there and haven't seen any pictures yet.. here's a link to some really great pics by Sandy Alexander:
I never would have believed that music could inspire so much creativity! Anyways, I'm not going to get all mushy here.. there are plenty of really great comments on the incidentalist so if you're interested, you can go to and search the SCI archives for "horning's".

So.. here's the structure. The setlist/source info is at the bottom.

ROOT: Arvind Raman <>

Branch 1: Dan Johnson <>
      Leaf1: Joel Johnson <>
      Leaf2: Collins Nance <>
      Leaf3: Craig Duff <>
      Leaf4: Rick Garvey <>

Branch 2: Lee Umstead <>
      Leaf1: Matt Riley <>
      Leaf2: Jay Henry <>
      Leaf3: Bryan Clendenin <>

Branch 3: Matthew Stevens <>
      Leaf1: Steve Farr <>
      Leaf2: Phil Rossiter <>
      Leaf3: Ryan Galan <>
      Leaf4: Sam Schaefer-Joel <>

Branch 4: Jeremy Cunningham <>
      Leaf1: Deb Henry <>
      Leaf2: Toby Nicastro <>

Branch 5: Chris Kaz <>
      Leaf1: John Ferguson <>
      Leaf2: Jessica Stevens <>
      Leaf3: Gwen Howey <>

Branch 6: Bing Owens <>
      Leaf1: Kevin R. Cheff <>
      Leaf2: Justin Merkle <>
      Leaf3: Howard Opatowsky <>
      Leaf4: Adam Clark <>

Branch 7: Brad Wright <>
      Leaf1: Fred Bell <>
      Leaf2: Jason K. Lewis <>
      Leaf3: Steven Klaus <>
      Leaf4: Trevor West <>
      Leaf5: Eric <>

Branch 8: Marc Oldham <>
      Leaf1: Andy Patton <>
      Leaf2: Katie Sayreville <>
      Leaf3: Jeff Welsh <>

Branch 9: Andy Tauber <>
      Leaf1: Cindy Marshall <>
      Leaf2: Dewey K. Arthur <>
      Leaf3: Robert Rigos <>

Branch 10: Emily ?? <>
      Leaf1: Matt Rowe <>

Dr. Didg: 7/14/00 .. source/setlist info unknown.

SCI Source: B&K 4021's (X-Y) > Lunatec V2>DAT>CDR

Disc 1
Set 1
Lester's Poem >
Land's End >
Black Clouds
Ms. Brown's Teahouse
Indian Creek
Sweet Melinda >
Mouna Bowa
Disc 2
Set 1
Outside Inside
Set 2
Birthday Stuff >
Lonesome Fiddle Blues
Sand Dollar
White Freightliner
Disc 3
Set 2
Under African Skies >
So What >
Lonesome Road Blues¹

¹with Keller Williams

Disc 1
Set 1
Hi Folks >
San Josè
Lost >
Mountain Girls
Disc 2
Set 1
Little Hands >
Set 2
Sillies & Peacocks
Round the Wheel
Disc 3
Set 2
Tom Thumb's Blues
Let It Go
On the Road
Best Feeling* >
Round the Wheel
Disc 4
Set 3 **
Start of Ritual
Lester's Poem
Royal Faery Court Intro
Jam 1
Jam 2
Disc 5
Set 3
Do You Believe in Faery's (Baby Gramps)
Dr. Didj
DJ Jam #
Disc 6 #
Set 3
Texas Jam
Round the Wheel Reprise
Whiskey Before Breakfast Jam

* with Keller Williams.
** ritual with numerous narrations, poems, etc. SCI (without Keith) played in the background. Guests included Tye North
on bass, Jamie Janover and Jarrod Kaplan on percussion, members of Dr. Didg, Jenny Conlee on keyboards, and Damien
Aikin on saxophone.
*** with Baby Gramps and above guests, without saxophone player.
# with Harry the Deejay and Jamie Janover. Remaining band members left stage until a Texas rave broke out. Nershi, Tye
North, Travis, and Jarrod Kaplan returned to the stage to tease Texas and Round the Wheel and continued with an
extended jam before moving into Whiskey Before Breakfast. Kang returned after Whiskey had been jammed for a little bit.

Disc 1
Set 1
Restless Wind
Elvis' Wild Ride
Take a Little Time¹
Minor Swing²
Rocky Road Blues²
All Blues²
Midnight Moonlight³
Disc 2
Set 2
Group Hug
Lester's Poem
Open Wide
Resumè Man
St. Thomas
Turn This Around
Disc 3
Set 2
Jellyfish >
Bend Down Low >
Shakin' the Tree
Closing the Show

¹Liza Oxnard and Billy only
²with Scott Law on mando
³with Scott Law on acoustic guitar